Grid drawing error

From some angles, i.e. non-axial, the grid/axis lines aren’t drawn properly:
It’s worse in othographic view:

It’s better in perspective view but there are still some errors (on the right):

Graphics card: Radeon R9 280
OS: Windows 10.

Models/curves etc look fine so it doesn’t prevent anything being created, but it’s a distraction, so does anyone know if there’s a solution to this problem?

I accidentally found the solution. I’d set my max clipping distance to be very high by default. I’ve had a tendency to work with very large scenes, or import models that happen to be very far from the origin, so a large clipping distance was useful to me.

However, I recently imported a high detail object and saw rendering errors in it. I reduced the max clip distance on a hunch, which solved the model’s rendering problems and also fixed the grid.
From the “N” panel:

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