GRID FILL NOT WORKING - Blender 2.90.1

Hi everybody!!

So I’m trying to model a car in Blender and I’m almost done but I’ve encountered an issue relating the GRID FILL command.

The car itself has two side windows and for the first one I didn’t have any trouble at all using GRID FILL but for no reason this one is failing all the time. In the first picture you can see the gap itself, the second picture is what it should look like. There is the same amount of vertices horizontally and vertically. I’m not sure if it’s a distribution problem or something like that. Also if you guys know of any other way to make that surface, is a glass so it doesn’t have to look perfect curvature-wise but still, has to be clean enough so the reflections don’t look all weird.

The window:

How the grid should look:


Have you checked for double geometry? Is there an error message?

No double geo, the error just says “Select two edge loops or a single closed edge loop from which two edge loops can be calculated”

There must be a problem with the mesh, maybe you can just copy the door to a new file and post it so we can take a look at it.

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check that your mesh doesn’t carry duplicate vertices… run in edit mode select all vertices then > Mesh> Clean_Up>Merge by Distance and in the pop up on the lower left side you can adjust the distance … That should merge all duplicated vertices… Also select all vertices and do a Shft N to make sure the normal are ok

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So apparently there was a double edge in one corner, now it’s working fine. Thanks a lot guys for your time, sorry for the incovinience but man sometimes it’s so hard to see if there is any double geometry, I was deleting vertices but not edges, won’t happend again. Cheers!!