Grid filling a loop


I’ve got this problem with filling loops, I don’t know if a simpler solution exists, I usually do it manually. I’ll attach a screenshot to demonstrate.

The left one was the initial state, on the right I’ve already filled the loop manually.
I also have the same problem when I want to fill a circle or cylinder - what I usually do is create a plane, subdivide it, make the rim sphere with Alt+Shift+S then bridge with initial circle or cylinder.

Is there a simpler way the properly grid-fill loops?
Thanks in advance,cheers!

For the 2nd case try the Grid Fill functionality (in shortcut it’s in CTRL+F ) :

For the 1st case, no idea if some automated function would help as i think i would have done it manually, helped with some cursor as pivot to extrude and scale to 0

Thanks, I use that occasionally, but most likely it would screw up topology.


And thank you again because I’ve had no faint idea at all about these options:


First image, filling the empty area is a little bit compilicated as you thought.

Wouldn’t have expected it to work there, i thought it would just have filled the external part .

Thanks :slight_smile: I usually figure out complicated things and slip over, or get stuck with the one-click solutions.