Grid Floor Orientation


I’ve just started experimenting modeling with Blender for a simple flat shaded untextured game I’ve got in mind (think Virtua Racer look wise).

I wrote a quick n’ dirty exported based on what I could find in the various exported included.

So far it’s working alright but I could use some help for improving it.

First of all, the grid floor is oriented so that the Z axis points up/down where as in code I’m using the scheme where the Y axis points up/down. This causes the object’s vertices to have to be rotated 90 degrees around the X axis before exporting. So is there either a way to rotate the grid floor so it lays on the X/Z plane? Or alternatively, is there a way to rotate the vertices in the script before saving them?

Oh, and one more thing. It would be really nice if there was a script command for converting all faces to triangle instead of also having to do this by hand in blender.


Just rotate objects so up is the Y axis and Ctrl-A before exporting.
Ctrl-T with all verts selected in Edit mode converts to tri’s.


This is what I’m doing currently. Problem is that it’s getting quite tedious to do these steps manually. Another problem is that objects when used in-game sometimes get “screwed up” (extremely long on one axis or rotated out of proportion). Maybe this has to do with me first rotating/scaling objects in object mode instead of edit mode. As I later learnt that you have to rotate the vertices and not just object for it affect exported data.

Now I realised that maybe this isn’t an interface problem as such, but more a a question for the “Phyton & Plugins” section? It’s just that I started writing my post with the grid floor in mind and kinda went off a tangent from there.