Grid in Geo Nodes 3 is slanted up in all 3 axes. Only want Z

Hi All,

New to Blender and very new to Geometry Nodes. I’m trying to follow the Crossmind Studio tut on displacement. His nodes are from a previous era and I can’t get things to work.

I’ve got a grid and I’ve added noise to it and am trying to get the vertices to go up in Z only. But they’re moving up in X and Y as well. I’ve tried every node in the Add list, put them in all sorts of configurations, and the only change I’ve gotten is to get the grid “level” to the ground plane using a Separate XYZ, but all the vertices are still pushed to the X and the Y.

All the tuts I’ve looked at are using nodes from last summer or earlier. Very little matches up and my math chops are lacking.

Thanks for any tips.


(I’m new to Blenderartists and the system isn’t letting me upload my blend file or screenshots. I’m guessing I have to participate a certain amount to gain that trust?)

Displacement is done based on RGB data (translated to XYZ respectively). That means greyscale values will displace in all three directions.

Use a combine RGB node with two inputs being zero (plugged into the vector field input) to displace in one direction. The reason why this is because the data is either all red, green, or blue shades.

Damn. After using grayscale maps for months of learning Blender, it didn’t occur to me to try the RGB node. I saw the XYZ nodes and figured that had to be the way to go.

Thanks so much for the tip.

Well, shoot. It turned out that the Combine XYZ was the correct way to go after all. My problem was that I had accidentally used the Math node instead of the Vector Math node.

Unfortunately, once that mistake is made, there is no way to know because, aside from an easy-to-miss color variation, the labels on the nodes are the same. A UX improvement would be to make sure the Vector Math node says “Vector” on the label, no matter which type of math is being used.