Grid Modeler - draw on grids => mesh

it seems strange. because the selection should be using bounding box, I don’t understand why the tool used an incorrect bounding box. I will check it.

You may try to just click on the shape. Single click can select shape !

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HI Kushiro, is linked to the size of the grid, for example
on a cube of 1 meter on the left it works very well on the right no, it’s not a problem when you know where it come, you can work bigger and then reduce but sometimes it’s complicated.

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Hi, Kushiro. I have a problem. When enter a grid modeller, grids on the selected area look flashing like in this image (feel like when two faces overlap each other). How should I fix it?

It is hard to see what is the problem (cannot see flashing in still image :sweat_smile:)
Maybe you can try to hide other meshes (select face then shift + H in blender ) then use the tool ?

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Slow demo :slightly_smiling_face:


Would be nice to have more of the slow videos. The fast forwarded ones are nice to look at but I can’t really learn that much from them. Thanks!

Also if you want some ideas, arcs would be nice to have (or did I miss them?), as well as constraints to the arc/line endpoints so that they are continuous.


The file size is big :sweat_smile: It is troublesome to upload to youtube :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Kushiro you are right, the file sizes become too big when videos are made in a normal, slow way. You can do, however, videos showing parts of the whole modelling process in such a way. Especially when the modelling includes the use of less obvious tools of the add-on (as, say, the changing the grid positions for making pipes around an object or using the guide lines).

You can do a simple montaging of the videos, showing in the beginning the final result and then turning to show in a detailed way how did you made some parts of the modelling.

Showing in a slow, detailed manner the workings of the tool is extremely important. It is something that could get the attention of many potential users of it too. It is really a great tool, in fact it is a whole modelling module inside Blender, and it would be a pity to remain in obscurity.


It is a good idea :relieved: I didn’t think about cutting part of it, and show in slow speed.
I will try this technique later when I made some complex mesh :smiley: