Grid or World Z axis rotation

How to change the 3D view World Z axis which happen to be equal to the same then the Grid Axis.

I ask the question before and did not get a good answer !

But now i know a little bit more about it

this has to do something with the setup of the mouse

right now i can pan by doing Alt- mouse and then i can pan any of the view.

But earlier this week i was not able and instead of doing a pan it did a Rotate and i think this is how you can change the Z axis of the grid

instead of being Vertical in the 3D view it is at another angle

with my mouse set up for Pan is there a command which would allow me to rotate this Z axis to bring it back to a more normal vertical position on the screen ?

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Sounds like you have turntable turned on rather than trackball in the user prefs window.


I have a two buttons mouse

so i’m simulating a 3 buttons mouse and the setup is done that way
and it works which is fine

but for an unknow reason the Grid and World have been Rotated in one file
there must be a way to reset the Z axis to a more vertical on the screen.

except it seems that i don’t know how to turn the Grid - i can Pan

but what are the Keys required to do the Rotate of the grid
apart of coming back and loosing the Pan and have the rotate instead
with the command Alt mouse in a view !

I found some info but not all in a PDF intro on Blender ( First PDF files of three intro to Blender) but it does not give all the commands only for the Pan

what is that turntable - is it the Grid ?