Grid wars!

I played the demo of this on my 360, but you can download a full version for PC here.

garaunteed to waste at least one hour of your life, and the sooo many pretty effects will turn you into a dribbling, twitching wreck within 30 minutes.

I use my playstation remote so controlling it with the two analogue sticks is easy, not sure how well keyboard and mouse work.

EDIT: Also take a look at the review, an interesting article all on its own.

those are some really nice vector graphics, and some seriously addicting gameplay.

THANK YOU, BLENDERAGE!!! I’ve loved playing this game at the game store here (they had a X-Box 360 Kiosk (or stand?) with this demo on it) Now I can play it as much as I want :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

About the Keyboard:

The keyboard setting are not too hard to use to play it. You just have to press ESC to go into the menu --> Setting --> Controls to change from analog controller (which seems to be the default) to keyboard.

The Default Keyboard Control is…

W = go up
S = go down
A = go left
D = go right

UP ARROW = shoot up
DOWN ARROW = shoot down
LEFT ARROW = shoot left
RIGHT ARROW = shoot right

oh man this game is twisted :smiley: