Grided sphere

Hi everyone!

I’m quite new to blender…

I need to do a sphere like this one below, but without the nodes on the intersections.

I started trying with the UV sphere, but I don’t know how to make the thickness.

Thanks in advance and sorry for the big image.

Add the uv sphere with the correct number of segments and rings (setings in toolshelf or F6 after adding sphere)
Go to edit mode and select all vertices (A)
Ctrl+F / Wireframe will convert this into a wireframe model
Look in the toolshelf (T) or F6 to chnage the wire thickness

In recent experimental builds of blender there is a wireframe modifier that does the same thing but non destructively. You can download these builds from the blender website or wait until blender 2.70 is released in a couple of months

Thanks for this tip, it will be a huge timesaver for the top of a building I am working on.