"Grid'ify" outline?


Does anyone know of a quick way to, starting from a N-gon polygon outline (not filled), to “gridify” it, i.e. to slash it using an orthogonal grid of a certain width? I am not worried if this grid is filled or just the edges.

Basically I would like a one click way to go from

    / \
+--+   \
|       \
|        +----+
|             |
+---+         |
    |         |


    + +
| | | | +
| | | | | | | |
    | | | | | |

Please note that I am not after the Shift-F functionality, as this produces variable size tris. I really want an homogenous grid. Any way/scripts to do this?

Thanks in advance!

there isn’t a way to do that in blender

you may have to use the kife tool a lot [good luck getting it on grid lines]

I’ve tried to get it done but it seems z3 is right… the closes I came is to combine your shape with a grid object… combine them and the manually try to edit it…

Maybe there’s a script for this … But I never saw it … then again …I don’t know alot about what’s available in the script world…


@z3r0 d: I suspect this would probably be awkward… as you say, getting on the grid would be nigh-on impossible. And in the process between slices, it would produce tons of temporary triangles.

@md01: This could be a possibility, but is there a way in blender to snap an open-ended edge and weld it to the middle of another edge? i.e. go from





I just though I’ll try to create an extruded grid and try to boolean intersect with the outline to see if it works.

Keep the ideas coming, and thanks again for all the answers.

Yes booleans might be an option … I tried that one too . . and the result was in the direction of what you wanted… blender produced triangles though… So they have to become quads, als the edges of the poly are freaked, there’s vertices everywhere, so you need to edit them …

Maybe it would help to give the grid wich you are going to do a boolean with a relatively low resolution and later after the boolean subdivide parts of it without having anything of the poly selected…then you can edit the poly connected parts later on …

Honestly … this all seems a bit f’d up… Maybe I am wrong …