GridSpace - Open Sourced!

(3-31-12 UPDATE) Hey. As you probably know, this project, GridSpace, was something that I wanted to make and complete. However, I’m not planning on doing much else with it (as I’ve already got too much on my plate game development wise), so, I’ve decided to open-source this project, letting whoever wants to, to step up and check out the source .blend file and see what they want to do with it. Thanks a lot for checking it out and looking into it. I might stop by once in awhile to work on the project, depending on what people do with it. :slight_smile:

If you want to use the source commercially, you have to get permission from me.

The SFL, XEmitter, XParticle, and BGHelper are public modules that you may use commercially, however.

This version contains my first release of SFL, which is a screen filter module. It contains lots and lots of useful filters, like Desaturation, Radial Blur, Bloom, Cross-shaped Bloom, and many others. It’s pretty useful, I think. The advantage of it is that it’s far easier to integrate into your project, and you can customize it. The general idea is like this:

from bge import logic
import SFL

cont = logic.getCurrentController()

filter = cont.actuators['2D Filter']

filter.shaderText = SFL.Bloom() # Set the filter's shader to low-quality bloom
filter.shaderText = SFL.Bloom(quality = 2) # Set the filter's shader to higher-quality bloom


As you can see, the SFL module consists of functions that return a shader, customized to your needs. Each shader has different parameters that you can use to customize its behavior. It’s fairly useful. By the way, I think I got the Chromatic Aberration filter from leonn, and the bloom filter is credited to the Yo Frankie! project.

Well, here’s the blog page that leads to the download. :smiley:

----- OLD NEWS -----

Hey. So here, I present the work-in-progress of my current amount of time spent on the BGE - GridSpace. I liked Geometry Wars and its fun, arena-style gameplay, but I feel that it’s a bit restricting to only battle in one area, and to only use a single weapon to fight. So, this is my attempt to rectify the problem in the form of a game.

Old Graphics

So far, I’ve got enemies and a melee weapon to fight with, and the game’s looking pretty good overall. It’s made in Multitexture mode with a couple of screen filters on it.

SolarLune Banner

A little shameless plug, heh. Anyway, what do you all think about it?

Quickie Update: I got a better reflection going. The previous version was on a black image - now, it’s actually alpha-enabled. This fixes a bug where the reflective object was drawing above the grid.

–5/7/11 Update–

Oddly enough, I can’t get the thumbnails for my images to show up. Anyway, here’s my update so far:

I’ve updated the world to look more like the screenshot above.

Also, I’ve got the NPC’s dialog going. I’m trying to choose between having the dialog appear in 3D above the NPC, and having the dialog appear in the grid spaces. I personally like the grid space idea, but for the dialog, it’s a bit hard to see it. I’m also running into a bit of trouble with transparency.

I added a small detail of little ‘bits’ scrolling down the grid lines (the white blocks you can see in the screenshots). It adds a bit to the feeling of being in Grid Space - I probably should have it so you can turn it off.

As you can see in the shot below, the grid lines are overlapping the message image (which isn’t what I want). The problem is that both the grid and message are alpha-enabled, and there’s some Z-fighting issues going on (I think). Also, the ‘Alpha Sort’ button doesn’t work for fixing this issue… Anyway, I think I’ll fix it by pushing some of the planes to background scenes, if possible.

Updated World, Transparency Issues

I’m getting pretty tired of having my pictures fill up my post, but not be visible with thumbnails, so I think I’m going to just link them, since that’s how it appears anyway…

– 5/8/11 Update –

I added a new background galaxy, as well as fixed the alpha issues. The problem remains on the particle effects, but that’s too small of an issue to worry about. I also added a galaxy in the background that’s a bit bright, but works well.

Fixed Transparencies

– 5/10/11 Update –

I’ve gone ahead and registered as an indie game developer on IndieDB (along with GridSpace)! Check it out here.

– 5/10/11 Update (Again) –

Did quite a bit today - got a nice town-type of area (an outpost), where you will be able to at least customize your character a bit - probably also be able to buy some upgrades. I got a video up, now. Sorry about the quality and black screen at the end. Anyway, here it is.

– 5/17/11 Update –

A little update. Got a new enemy up and running - it chases after you, and you’ll have to battle it out, either with long-range shots, or up-close attacks. Once it’s finished, I’ll probably post a screenshot.

–5/17/11 Update (Again) –

Another little update. Working on a shop - it’s going alright. I’ve also got a new enemy created - a Gear. It’s got melee spinning capabilities like the Player’s base ship - I’ve been thinking that maybe a good reason not to tangle with a Gear would be that melee spinning attacks wouldn’t work on it. What do you guys think?

–5/23/11 Update–

Hey, what’s happening? So, I’ve got a preliminary shop working. Why? So that I could sell a new weapon - the LightBead! I know, it doesn’t sound great, but it’s just a simple manual pistol-type of weapon. I also have a radar type of capability implemented to enable an easier, assisted aiming function that makes it easier to fire at enemies.

– 5/29/11 Update –

Hey, so I’ve got a video up and running showing the new things that I’ve added. I say it in the YouTube video description, but I’ll also say it here - sorry about the low quality of the audio.

– 5/30/11 Update –

Aw, crud. I left my computer on all night and it made some sort of corruption panel… area… thing in the game! What am I gonna do?! I don’t see this working out to my advantage at all… :wink: LOL

Just kidding around.

– 6-6-11 UPDATE –

Hey. So, today I worked on the 2D filter and managed to make a cross-shaped bloom, not unlike Unity’s. It looks pretty good to me, though you can’t really see it in this screenshot.

I’ve also started working on the corruption zone a bit, as can be seen here.

– 6-17-11 UPDATE –

I’ve worked on a new enemy - the Tank. It fires a laser at you. You can dodge it with an accelerated body type, but it’s still pretty dangerous. Homepage updated with news.

10-16-11 UPDATE

I added a picture of the progress currently achieved in making trees on page 6, as well as my blog / IndieDB (awaiting authorization) page.

Anyway, follow GridSpace on my personal game development blog (separate from my tutorial site), for SolarLune Games, here.

Wow, looks fantastic. I like the depth of field affect on the edge. So basically Geometry Wars with more weapons and more space? Sounds good.

Idea: If you put an upgrade system in, you should make a grouping of tiles flip over to reveal the menu (do any kind of trick to do it.) Kind of like this?

Thanks a lot. Your idea looks really good - I like it a lot. I’ve already got the NPC’s dialog bubble up, and I’m trying to make it look 3D, like many games are doing nowadays. Your grid idea would really fit in with the game style, though I’m not sure if I would ever get that far to have multiple kinds of upgrades. In any case, I will definitely keep this idea in mind.

Cool! I wouldn’t kill yourself too much. You can also just scatter power-ups for speed, fire power, bullet-type, ect. If anything, the menu idea can be used for the actual in-game menu.

What is gameplay like?

@Laxwolf - I do want upgrades, though. Your menu idea may work very well for purchasing things, actually. I was going to have a shop, Putting the menu on the ground is a good idea - just float over the item, and press X to buy it. Simple.

@CsotoFX - If you’ve ever seen Geometry Wars, then you’ve seen an overhead shooter. It took place in a single arena ( small area either as large as, or a little larger than your screen). After Geometry Wars, there have been a lot of games that came out (both commercially and for free) that have mimicked that style, even down to the graphics (Grid Wars, anyone?). This is going to be a game like that, though there’s less of an emphasis on ‘shooter’, as it’s more like a close-up, melee action game. Also, my game has an emphasis on 3D, while Geometry wars is a much more ‘planar’ game, though if you look, you’ll see that it is 3D as well.

In the game, you press the keyboard keys to move, and press the X key to spin - while spinning, colliding with enemies hurts them. When enemies get destroyed, they drop Creds, which are the yellow gems in the first picture. The gems can be used to purchase items, upgrades, and ship types (hopefully - this I haven’t made yet, so I’m still fleshing it out).

This looks great! I think you’re on to a wicked little project.

Cool, keep posting.
Enemy ideas:

  • Enemy that removes tiles and can only be destroyed by passing over the blue tiles (if the blue tiles are like the players trail.)
  • Enemy that when hit, explode into multiple smaller cubes (Starts as a 2x2x2 or 3x3x3)
  • Enemy that creates vortexs which pulls the player in and around.
  • Enemy that sucks in other enemies creating a megamonster of attacks. Boss?
  • Enemy that acts a medic to other enemies.
  • Enemy that is under the tiles and waits. If the player passes by, it breaks through the tile and hurts the player.
  • Enemy that spews toxic waste around it kind of like the plant in SMB3.
  • Enemy that builds a shell around it out of cubes. Break a wall down and kill it.

All I got for now. Don’t know whether you’ll like the ideas.

@Oki - Thanks, I appreciate that.

@Laxwolf - Those ideas sound great - particularly the tile-waiting enemy. That would be a surprise if you didn’t know about it. The toxic waste and shell ideas I like as well. In fact, all of the ideas are pretty well-designed. Thanks for them - I’ll see if I can incorporate them into the game.

As mentioned above this looks like a great project, best of luck with it.
I really like the graphics style so far and have no criticism on it,
can’t wait to see the updates on this :smiley:

Looks great. Not sure I get what it’s about, but I had a look at your site, and read the bit about game play. I like the graphics, sort of Tron like - I don’t know Geometry Wars.

Thanks. Okay, here’s a video showing Geometry Wars:

The video’s a bit darker and blurrier than the actual game, but as you can see, it’s a topdown shooter, but it’s pretty closed in. Also, you get only one weapon. In my game, as you can see, it’s a more 3D, open world, and there will be different weaponry, as well as different ships with special abilities.

really intresting graphics, I love this kind of originality!

Update - more colors, and NPC dialog capabilities, unfortunately, with transparency problems. I’ll figure out a way to fix it…

Thanks, leonn. I like the style, as well. I’ll try to keep updating it and finish it.

Please post screenshots as you go along so we can see what you’ve added?

Well, figured out you post them on your website, post em here too!

It looks freakin’ fantastic. Dialogue boxes look good and I love the new octopus enemy.

Thanks. Screenshots have been added. I’ll probably fix and link the screenshots next update, so that it’s easier to follow the progress…

The game Looks pretty neat.
I really like to play the game when finished.
i see you have pulled the max out of MultiTexture mode.:smiley:
Also the dialog system and shiny characters looks cool too.

Solar if you need any help please let me know! Im working on the project that we tought about, but is kind of a hard task since its a logic game so sometimes I just get tired, if you want a modeller please let me know!

I’m not shore I understand the game-play your going for but if there is going to be an emphases on the 3d then surly the pawn that the player would control should jump also for like aerial melee attacks right(+Z)? and i also thought that wile the open world is a cool idea the geometry wars example with the framed area could also work better in your more three-dimensional approach as a fighting arena were the combatants can also push each other off to their death (-Z) this could be something that only happens when you engage in battle.(so if i was in your place i would not be rejecting the controlled area yet.) That would be the z axis game-play. the visual element is very much 3d and very nice. i like how crisp and clear it is it would be cool if you could share a video at some point to get a feeling for the movement.

…also put it on desura once its finished since you intent to put the game on indiedb. and tell us how it is.:eyebrowlift2:

You should make a hybrid between Diablo and Geometry wars. Allow free exploration but make interesting characters, towns, ect. all the way around. Going with what ‘-_-’ said, you could do a kind of “two worlds” thing where you can flip through certain tiles and end up in an alternate reality. Have the people be mean, and the only friendly people are what your enemies would be on the other side fighting for their freedom. That’d be an interesting story element. Then somehow combine the best of both worlds and force the evilness to oblivion (flipping tiles as you go, so the evil npc’s of one end up with the evil enemies and the good npc’s end up with the “good enemies.”) So kind of like De Blob, you fix the world as you go along.