Griffin Attempt

Well I was surfing the forums and I saw Catboys griffin model, so I thought to myself that I should make my own. Im not trying to take away from catboy’s griffin glory, his model is better anyways.
Im thinking of sculpting this later on to improve quality, so for now this is just the base mesh, minus the back claws, and feather alpha maps.

Just because someone else has modeled it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t. I think that looks pretty good.

so far quite cool… i think the rear upper leg is a bit skinny though, and perhaps more bulky muscle around the wing/shoulder joints.
i think the saying is “imitation is the strongest form of compliment?”

Add some muscles on that creatures legs. Also, sharpen up that beak, it must look ferocious and dangerous. This is a mythological creature, make it scary!

will do, I think ill try to do that in sculpt mode, Ill try to post an updated griffin by the weekend

Ok I’m back with the start of some sculpting on this griffin. This is not the final sculpt, but it is a low resolution sculpt that will be the basis for whatever I decide to do with this model later. As you can see I’ve worked on the major muscles of the griffin, and unsculpted areas like the talons and head will be worked on later. Please give me suggestions as to changes I should make in the muscle structure to either make the mesh aesthetically or realistically more appealing. Thank you.

For me the neck is too long. But the muscles on the legs look great, much improved.

ugh, he says add muscles and you do, that’d take me a week to do (or maybe 4 weeks). Hehe Anyhow nice model, somethings that I feel arn’t quite right with it, the body and especially the wings, seem a big small compared to the legs/head and the neck seems too long

Ill make a test model of a shorter necked griffin soon, any suggestions on muscle structure?

Ok, I shortened the neck a little bit, here’s a side by side view of the old and new meshes (I made this with the low res meshes because it would have taken much longer to do with the muscled ones)

Im not sure what I think about the shorter neck issue, I certainly don’t want it to look stubby, but I’m open to suggestions. Here are my two reference pictures I used to produce the griffin.
Personally I think that the length is something that better represents the transition between the bird and cat portions of the mesh, but just give me feedback, also, I was looking to do something with the wings, but Im not sure what yet. I was thinking I might try to make the griffin look menacing, with spiny dragon-like wings without feathers, so what do you think about that?

I’m not sure what neck you should go for, but his legs are really bothering me.
They don’t show any sign of the joints.
Here’s a quick paint over, don’t follow this to the dot, was just estimating here.
But four legged animals have shoulder, elbow, and wrist bends, then hip, knee, and ankles.
So try to show the joints more.


The image you commented on was not the latest rendition, I think I made the joints more prominent in the image of the muscled griffin, take a look at that then if you still see a problem with the joints I will try to fix it :slight_smile:

Oh, nice sculpting.
You’ve got the shoulder blade in a good spot, I’d bring his elbow up more.
His wrist is where his paws are so thats fine.
His back leg has no knee, and his ankle needs to be lower.
Also the wings look a bit glued on, I think they should come out of the shoulder blade but if you like it that way go ahead.
You might want to puff out his chest area to.

The length you have in the first Griffen is perfect. It looks close to the size of the lion’s neck in your picture.