grill or honeycomb with cycles

is there a nodes set up to make a grill on a plane
square or honeycomb with an image or proc texture
preferably with a proc texture at least no image to carry with file!

not talking out the OSL one here!


Have you tried using a magic texture node plugged in as fac for mixe node of diffuse and transparent? If using a mapping node and tex coordinate, you can also set it to depth of 5 to get an interesting setup

add a colorramp between the texture and the fac input and set to constant and you can get it to work with a sharp edge

Here are two versions you might try


beginnign to look like transp and some wire shape

for the brick will try to change shape for rect or losange may be
and the other one has transp opposite have to change that !

will play and see what can be done with this!


Here is a hexagon OSL shader.

seen that one but not interested in OSL - too slow overall

would like something equivalent in cycles alone


began some testing in normal blender
would like to see equivalent in cycles

i did the wire cage with curves = 4000 verts