Grim Reaper Charactor (Toon)

I’ve been working on some games for Unity by that I mean installed the engine and left it gathering dust on my hard drive while I sit around and model assets for it in blender. But I was going to create a game in which the player is playing as the Grim Reaper and if many of you have played the original N64 Conker’s Bad Fur day I mostly drew influence from that character and Grim from Grim adventures of Billy and Mandy. But I was wondering What you guy’s thought of him, and what steps I’d take to make him game ready for Unity. Thanks guys!


Close ups of the scythe


Nothing wrong with the character. However, the sickle blade needs more of a curved edge.

Thanks! I certainly hope that it doesn’t look to much like the grim from Conker though.

Just curve it a little. Not too much.