Grimlock (+ animation)

Model I made which will likely be imported into a game, if not it was a good lesson in uv mapping :slight_smile:

Awesome stuff! I love the old generation Transformers. Excellent rendition.

Does it actually transform, or did you model the two different modes? If it does transform, you know you need to make an animation. :wink:


Thanx :slight_smile: was fun to do

Yes it can transform though me and animations don’t mix that well. Here’s an animation of what I do to get it from one stage to the other.

220 KB Xvid avi file

Very well done. I also love the old transformers. Very cool.



Ooow, they look sooo cute! :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh wait, they’re transformers…

They don’t look really dangerous, maybe because it looks like they are made out of cardboard or something.

Still like them though.

I heard theeth was updating the transform code but this is ridiculous! :stuck_out_tongue:

I personally would like to see this in an enivronment. Try to make something as featureless and basic as the original cartoons had :smiley:

Great stuff, that is very cool :slight_smile: I think all it really needs is enhancing the texture to make it look more metal.

looks like paper cut. nice work.

very nice :smiley: Looks just like the old transformers :smiley:

Tres kewl :smiley: