Grimm Fairy Tales


Just played around in Krita 2.99…Damn it’s nice…It’s a dream to draw and paint in.

This is just a clean color painting…I need to learn some more before I can start using all the wonderful features in Krita.

Happy Chriatmas to all there pass by…Puff Puff and CHEERS


Really nice guy. I like the way you indicated the crowd. Tell us a little about yourself, training, etc. Also what specific tablet do you use and was the drawing done on the tablet or just the painting. Once again nicely done.


Thank You.

Hmmm…This is just a copy cat…It’s from a Grims fairy tale cover.

I use a Wacom Intuos 5 Touch Tablet A 4…Drawing and painting done with it.

I’m a liitle younger than You No training other than I like to draw and paint.

Not sure on this but I think it’s new to Krita You can have more than 1 document in the viewport.

So that’s the way I draw it , see picture…I have a grid set so it is not so hard to draw it.

I have seen a lot of Your work…Your last post with old drawings is exellent.

Happy New Year


Thanks guy I wasn’t even aware of that series. I did see where you can have a reference photograph in Krita. And, nothing wrong with a grid to pin your initial drawing down. Just thinking out loud then maybe the rotate and move feature could be used. Then a little sketching on another layer… In that way a reference photograph is the starting point.

Your comment about those little spot drawings from fifty some odd years ago is generous but thanks. I do hope you continue and I’m looking forward to your future endeavors. Merry Christmas from ‘Shipyard’ Virginia.


A Merry Christmas to You too…:slight_smile:

No way I really like Your drawing very well done…I follow Your Blender Gallery Great work here too…Cool

Here is a picture with the grid on…It’s only clean colors it’s just a test…I should put higlights and shadow in.

Only problem with the reference picture is I can’t put a grid on it…But I can use the grid if I load 2 document.


Hey nice painting here Taipan! Good job with the reproductions - you have a good eye. Looking forward to more.

Taipan now I’m confused. Can you get say a black and white photograph beside your blank canvas and have a grid on both of them. And, if not I’m having a problem imagining what use a grid would be. Regardless you are really getting these Krita brushes going your way.


Thank You Artloader…:slight_smile:

Ghost…Yes You can load a image as a document and Your canvas beside then put a grid on both…Thats the way I do it.

I do it this way because You can’t put a grid on the reference image in Krita’s reference image…:slight_smile:

Thanks…It’s Krita that do the work…It’s the best draw / painting program I have used…But I know so little about it so
much to learn…:slight_smile:



Just tried to make a lizard after one of My old Zoo photo.

Damn I had made 1 cleanup but forgot to save it…So there is still some work to do.
Also I painted it in a too small resolution…Puff Puff


Thanks, guy. Keep us updated on your discoveries in this fine program.

Hey Taipan, great work, keep it up. Krita is awesome!


Thank You Mikael…Had a look in Your sketchbook…Nice sculpting Mikael…Looks great…Puff Puff

This is just another little playing with Krita…Mad fanart…From Mad Color Classics…Front page 2002…:slight_smile:

I have made a Wacom Pen in Blender will see if I can mix them together in a render.

This is just some testing to get back to painting…I’m dam’n Rusty…:slight_smile:


Made a cycles render with a Krita painting an Blender model of a Wacom tablet.

Printboard in Gribpen is painted with Blender Texture paint…Frontpage painted with a standard brush in Krita 2.9

And a close up of the Pen nib…Puff puff