Grin Reaper (for cgcookie's Halloween compo)

Right then, bashed this together in what little spare time I had. All done solely in blender. Primary inspiration would be D. Newton’s work.

Lessons learned from this: 1) cloth physics seem to not really do multithreading :frowning: , and 2) translucent stuff sure takes a long time to render.

P.S. Not fully sure how this forum handles attachments, so my apologies is formatting goes out of whack.

Very nice and original :smiley: , but I think the background should be brighter to separate it from the character.

very nice… I like the reaper a lot…

very nice image!

cloth in the back could be a bit grungier for my taste… the holes look a bit too clean and ‘flat’

I have hard time figuring out what excatly is in the picture? Is the Greaper in profile picture and has skeleton wings? But the blade and fabric look cool.