Grinder scene

Hi everyone, i’m new in this forum. i really love blender and cycles, so i decided to post my weed and grinder scene. I hope that the issue does not offend anyone in the forum. I decided to model this scene because i would like to render the anisotropic part of a grinder…but while I was rendering I decided to model everything else for a “smoke scene” complete with all.
Please let me know what you think about it :smiley:

the fall off on the DOF is too sharp. it affects the leaflet but not the pack of skins making it look odd

I don’t understand it. The render is good but I still don’t understand it. The pamphlet looks flat?

Hi, the ganja-particles are very nice!
Tema un po’ particolare!

That’s some nasty looking bud there… It kind of looks flat. (the image not the bud)

Its a great start though very difficult to understand what actually is going? The rendering looks not so good!

i postprocessed the depht of field in photoshop and it’s not so ggod i know… the real image is this

i think that the image is too flat because i used the DOF in the wrong way.
what can i do to improve my result with dof?

i postprocessed the dof with photoshop, the real image is this:


it is very flat i know, i’m not so able to use depth of field in blender… how can i improve this in my scene?

awesome! good modeling and texturing, maybe add a bit more shadow to the scene to help sell the ‘3d-ness’ lol. but overall pretty cool scene man

You need to do some more compositing. A simple lens blur might do the trick. The lighting is also very harsh, and the metals a little too ‘clean’ (a very light bump map with the clouds might work there.)

maybe upset someone but for me its nice modeling BUT its all tooooooooooo clean
should be little “bits” on table, lots an lots of bits in jar an some sticky icky grunge in grinder soot on the zippo
not too sure the “bush” looks real but I’ve only seen it once or thrice :wink: so wont complain about that (I got the idea)

yeah, too clean, also the bud looks a little strange… but overall it’s not bad, not bad at all.

Looks pretty good man. I would say it looks flat because there is not enough shading… too much light in every corner. Shading helps define the 3d effect. Also, it looks like the lighter is floating, which could be due to shading also. Cheers, although not a smoker myself, its nice to see people step out of the box once in a while. :slight_smile:

legalize it, legailze it :wink:
Love it, put some lens distortion on , turn some lights down it should give you some shadows. As U can see people need shadows :wink:

The lighting does look flat. My suggestions would be to reduce the number of bounces if you haven’t already done so. This will darken the shadows. Also, it looks like you have one very large light source above the table and slightly to the side. Try reducing the light size and moving the it to one side. This should help to define form and depth. Another idea is to use OSL AO or render out an AO pass in BI and composite it.

Also, if you need DOF you can set it in your camera settings in Cycles - and you can specify which object to center on.

hi everyone, after your advice i decided to improve my final render. Finally i understood how to use the defocus node in the compositor and i’m pretty happy for this. Then i decided to get more glare effect on the grinder and i played with the specularity in order with the brushed metal texture… Ahhhh another thing, my lights were too strong so i turned down. Let me know what you think of my render… Thanks and merry christmas to everyone (and sorry for my bad english):stuck_out_tongue:

Link for hd resolution (1920x1080)

Hi guys, first of all MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone in the forum… I decided to post my improvements with the grinder & weed scene… =)

I used more soft lights, the defocus node in the compositor, glare effect on the metal and brushed anisotropic material… Let me know what you think about it?
Do you think that i improved my last result???
thanks all and sorry for my really bad english :evilgrin:

hd image(1920x1080)

Looks good enough to smoke!

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