Gripes and things

So, after years of using Blender and recently Silo to model, I am at the point where I have to use Maya. Why? Well, I’m taking a 3d animation course at the University of Utah. After many years of seeing impressive work made with maya, I am sorely disappointed by actually using the program. It’s aweful! Too much crammed everywhere, and it’s lacking a lot of things I need. At the moment, I’m only refering to it in a modeling aspect. But most of the class is modeling with a little texturing and animation later. So it’s a pretty easy class for me because I’m a pretty good modeler. But modeling in maya is a painstaking, tedious, task, and it feels so 10 years ago. There’s no good way to tweak a mesh, other than, clicking out a selection, selecting the move tool, moving, simple for some, a chore for myself, granted, this is the same way you move things in blender, but with blender I can just use the sculpt tools to tweak my mesh quickly and easily. What the hell is up with subsurfs in maya? they don’t look good, and it draws the surronding mesh so bad that it’s unworkable. They’re horrible. And for some reason, you can’t subsurf an object that has more than 1000 polygons! Lucky for me though, my teacher doesn’t care what program I use to model, so I’ll be using Silo 2 mostly, and occasionally blender, gets the same result faster and more efficient for me, so why even bother with maya’s poor modeling tools. Now I know why there are seperate programs just for modeling, and why their are so many modeling plugins for commercial software.

Dear Disgruntled User:

We took notice of your recent post at a Blender forum, and regret to inform you that you are in violation of your Maya end-user license agreeemnt which you or your institution agreed to when registering and downloading the product. We call you attention to paragraph 5 in section 13 subsection 9, which clearly states that "I agree not to bash this product or disparage it in any way, method, or manner, or in any aspect as to its use, functionality or conveinence. I reaffirm that I release Autodesk of any liability and certification of fitness. I agree not to post any artwork or derivative works which show faults within the product or which depict anything of less than star quality. "

Cease and desist using our Product. It’s our intelekchooal property, and no matter how limited our intellectual capacity is, we are proud of it and do NOT want to share it with you any more, you ungrateful moron. Please remove our product from your computer immediately following the de-install process, and then reformat your hard drive just for good measure. You are not entitled to any refund whatsoever.

If we can be of any assistance to you in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us.

The Autodesk Team

Well lucky me, I just use Maya on the school computers. Never would I pay for such a poorly constructed yet costly program.