Je suis à la recherche du logiciel Groboto. Comment est il possible de l’obtenir. J’ai la version démo, mais je ne peux pas faire de sauvegarde. Je voudrais acquérir ce programme, mais je ne sais pas ou le commander? Si quelqu’un a ce programme et veut bien le céder, je suis acquéreur Merci pour la réponse.


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Greetings motorola300455 I am placing an english translation here for you and will next make a comment to your question.

motorola300455 says…
I am looking for Groboto software. How is it possible to obtain it. I have the demo version, but I cannot make a backup. I would like to buy this program, but I don’t know where to order it? If anyone has this program and is willing to give it away, I am a buyer. Thanks for the reply.

this is a straight google translation.

Groboto is no longer around. I’m guessing the web page is on a perpetual free location.

Sad to tell you the following… I am using my old memories.

Two brothers developed the software, I purchased version three and kept updating it , I was buying a lot of 3d back in 2011 and reading all the time online before that.

One day I got an email that his brother had a cancer and was dying. And very soon there were no new updates and the site no long took emails or gave replies. It seems I heard that they sold it to another 3D program that incorporated it in their program.

If you look at the computer requirements, it stops at win7.

I’m afraid this is too out of date to consider using and there are plenty more options today.

I am in 3D these days and Blender remains my most used 3D program out of all that I collected over the years, tried and learned and sometimes open again.

The best lesson I have learned in my long years… is that it isn’t the software that makes a good or great 3D artist… it’s the person that does that. And, I admire all who continue showing me their accomplishments here on the Internet.

The very best to you and everyone out there in the 3D world.


p.s. especially Ton

Puisqu’il s’agit d’abandonware, vous pourrez peut-être le trouver en googlant

rapidgator GROBOTO v3.3.0

Mais sachez que vous êtes gravement exposé aux logiciels malveillants et aux virus et que ce n’est bien sûr PAS légal …

Since this is abandonware, you might be able to find it by googling
rapidgator GROBOTO v3.3.0

But be aware that you are at severe risk for malware and viruses and it is of course NOT legal…

I looked in my records since my reply above. Groboto was sold to MODO long before MODO was sold to The Foundry company. It is probably somewhere in the function of the current MODO. And MODO is still very active.

Hello. bachnoral
. Could you concede or sell me your version of Groboto. I have two computers, one of which works under windows 7. Thank you in advance. Best Regards