Gromit - trap

Hi, long time since I’ve posted Blender stuff here so I thought I’d get some feedback on this piece before I post it in Finished Projects:

old render

What I would like is some feedback on composition and if anyone besides me find it just remotly humorous (or gets whats going on) - I know from experience that I stare myself blind on my projects and can’t find faults etc.

so go ahead :slight_smile:

edit render updated.


I can’t see what triggers it, but great work none the less.

Edit: I really like the idea of the Ruebe Goldburg Feel it has.

I LOVE WALLACE AND GROMIT!!! That looks pretty good. Those little black things look kind of bad. The butt of the axe is too round. And I think you should make the weight have a metric measurement (U.K.) and not so heavy.

Wow, that’s a fantastic Gromit!

His ears could use just a touch more subsurfacing, but the shaders and model are just great.

I can’t tell exaclty what happened on the table there, but that doesn’t bother me as much as the camera angle.

Grommit and the table are on the some focal plane, and parallel with the wall in the back.

If we were seeing Gommit over the table and he was looking down at the trap it might be really great.

with a few tweaks this will be perfect

thanks for sharing that, it give me inspiriation!

Awesome stuff :D. I love the trap contraption but I cant figure out how its supposed to be activated. (I know, I need a “BIG RED BUTTON THAT SAYS DO NOT PUSH” to figure it out: )

Only crit would be the shadows and contrast. There is too much difference in luminosity between different parts of the image and its annoying in a way. Try reducing the darkness of the shadows and see if its better. If you decide to leave it as it is I would complain too much though :smiley:

Thx for the suggestions and compliments so far! :slight_smile:

I knew the missing trigger would be noticed right away :expressionless:

Saxofoner91: I too thought there was something wrong with the footprints but I don’t know how else to show that the mouse was there and left with the cheese…
(thinking…) I removed it now :slight_smile: ps. it reads ‘lb’ after ‘100’ on the weight :slight_smile:

Phrangkk: Yeah ears need retouching - doing that right now :slight_smile:
The reason I chose for him to stare at the camera was for you to see his pondering expression; any thoughts on improving this?

Slepnyrl: Thx :slight_smile: I hope the trigger is more clear now (since its actually there now :slight_smile: ) - mousetrap springs, pulls the string connected to the stick releasing the weight. - maybe I need to think of a new more clear trigger… And you’re right - im now too happy about the lighting myself so I’ll experiment more .

Again, thx for the tips, I’ll try to accomondate them all :slight_smile:

edit: two versions: one brighter than the other. - make your choise :slight_smile:

done some updates after I got some sleep; there are now two renders: one semi-dark and one with more exposure (the bright one has the ears fixet too)

So - what else can I do to this to make it semi-great ?

thx in advance :slight_smile:

The end of the handle needs a subsurfing fix. Very impressed though. Some of the best I’ve seen yet.

Edit: Perhaps a wrench or something close to the device?

What I meant was, make it metric, not pounds, because he’s from england. Just a detail. :smiley: