Groovy new website publishes leaked secret documents

It’s currently down due to too much traffic but it sounds interesting.

I suppose you use the term ‘new’ in the very loosest sense.
If you can’t get to the site just read the Guardian

I don’t know about groovy or new but Wikileaks is an important site that reveals sensitive information that governments and large organisations don’t want you to know. In this case the most overriding issue is the large numbers of civilians slaughtered by both sides in the current war in Afghanistan.

Agh! XD I want to see what’s on it! :smiley: My friend told me about it some time ago.

Well it just hit BBC News 24 today so it’s new to us Brits who sit in Blender with the news on in the background all day

The Pentagon’s criminal investigations department continues to try to trace the leaks and recently unsuccessfully asked Assange, he says, to meet them outside the US to help them.

Probably would help if they weren’t inviting him to Cuba…

Some die-hards will probably be upset this was uncovered.

Maybe this will bring to the GI Joe why there is so much hate
against the politics of the US.

I hope they will never be shut-down.

The last apache gun cam movie clearly showed the un-human approach of
the US military and their unprofessional approach and than with
that how much the US military and government tries to cover-up
their faults.

Without them no one would ever be able to hear this.

I am or protecting military secrets but war crimes have to be punished.

Those apache pilots killed reporters and others on purpose.
They are not soldiers defending us those or murders generating hate
against us.

These guys and girls should be praised as heroes by the press, however they attack them (most of the media outlets do anyway).

Long live Wikileaks, and with it a certain level of democracy for all those who can access the truth.

Are you surprised about the press?

What is the press today? They are political organs in the main way.
Independent and objective journalism isn’t here anymore.
Sensation, funding, and being the first goes first, authentic background checks,
and spell checking goes last.

Take a look at the past weekends story: “Shirley Sherrod”.
A story about racism fired a person from their job because politicians got anxious
and afterwards it turns out that the story was fabricated.

The correct reaction should be:

Shirley Sherrod should be reinstated.
The person who build that movie, the news directors who accepted the work, and those
who published it should be prosecute by law for constructing, and releasing fails claims
and harming a persons reputation with the intent to bring that person down.

This is not freedom of speech anymore. This is criminal.

the biggest joke is that today some journalists try to separate them from
others by saying that they do investigative journalism.

Funny thing is journalism by its nature is investigative.

Guys like rush limbaugh and others would simply be taken off air because
of what they do. but others love this crap because he says what they want
to hear, no matter if it is true or not.