I just want everyone to know that I have just sucked a half decomposed worm into my mouth. :eek::eek::eek:
Eventhough I have brushed my teeth and rinsed it 3 times with mouthwash, I still feel it on my tongue. It was gross to put it mildly.
It happened when I cleaned a blocked nossle in my garden’s sprinkler system. After blowing didn’t work, stupidly I sucked and with a slight ‘pop’ it came out, into my mouth.

not the brightest bulb on the christmas tree are we? :no:

Hehe the worst I’ve done is swallow a bee :slight_smile: But that must’ve been baaaad man!

bon apetite

being a jogger, occasionally some insect commits suicide in my mouth (or eye) while running. shit is I’m often a couple of km’s away from home so leftovers can … progress on their own in my mouth so to speak (despite of heavy spitting - I’m not carrying any liquid with me).

Five words for you: Sell the worm on Ebay.

Next time try butter and garlic as well, it works for snails! :slight_smile:

Worm are good for you. bit of protein. I used to eat them as a kid.

Does sound gross though

Yes, down here, many people eat Mopaniworms. They are suppose to be healthy, etc. However, I don’t eat them, neither do I like decomposing worms…

Anyway, I wrote that post, shortly after it happened, and I was trying to get over the nasty feeling in my mouth and mind. I’m ok now :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve eaten a regular alive worm once for a dare. (The dare paid $5)
It wasn’t that bad…Not like I would ever eat one again but…

But your talking about a different type of worm I am thinking, so yours probably tastes more nasty. (And according to the picture, a lot larger.)


Hmmm… from reading the above, I guess it’s all about circumstances!