Ground Control to Major Ton

What they’ve done
With your

Drunk mods? On BA? No way.

I’ve a medically certified double-personality!

I’m sure Ton knows what’s going on. You’ll get used to it too.

Be careful as to what you post. “They” may be watching, and are only trying to help. Or so “they” say, but it’s all about power. Here, the guards don’t control the forum, the users do. And when guards become like, then the opressed will have the chance.

Ground Control to Major Ton

I have to say… while not terribly clever, I still lol’d.

lol but blender 2.5 made me up my render speep and quality by 300% and I’m already using it proffessionally and I have to say it outrun 2.49 in every way possible. So I guess major ton and major tom are really happy right now.

If they fix the BGE bugs (which Ben2610 has apparently already started with fixing something in the physics), then 2.5 will be about perfect. A faster raytracer and a GE that can play .mp3 music.

You’re nice people!
I’ll stop to bother the users, now!

What the fuck are you on about Oto?