Ground fog?

Is there a method that could be used to create either a consistent ground fog or a patchy drifting fog?
I’m new to Blender, but familiar with emitters, particles, and movers in other engines.

One method is to make a model in the approximate shape and size of the area you want the “fog”. Create a new material, add a texture, load an image or video of smoke/fog/mist and set the texture projection to “normal”. Gives a fairly decent effect, imho. n.n

You could make what aFoxNamedMorris said a sphere object and parent it to the player too - so it’s consistent

@Fire_Head431: The reason I didn’t suggest this is because it would make it a bit more difficult to make a player jump, or enter/exit the fog. Also, I believe it adds depth when fog crawls along the ground in different areas, and not an entire scene.