Ground texture shows weird facets. How can I fix this?


I have a very large 3D scene where the ground texture shows weird facets in close up. See the attached image on the lower half.

Can anyone suggest the best method how I can fix this?
Subdividing? Autosmooth? Subdivision modifier? Higher samples?

I’m on 2.9.

Thanks for your help!


Try setting the image node to cubic interpolation to smooth it out.
Personally I would also use some kind of detail texture with it.

Thank you, I’ll try that.

Regarding the detail texture, you mean locally in that area? That will be tricky as I have multiple 360VR locations spread over a fair bit of beach which all require that than.
Could you please explain how you’d do that?

Unfortunately the cubic interpolation did not fix it ;-( Any other thoughts?

Very hard to guess without a file with packed textures.

While I can not share the file (some of it is copyrighted) I have a solution which seems to be somewhat working.
When I reduce the displacement value of the sand its less noticable…

If you are using an image texture for the displacement set it to non colour.

In obj mode, setting the ground to shade smooth should do the trick.

And if you’re not sure about your node, just unconnect the output shader to see wether or not the mesh render is smoothed.

Happy blending :slight_smile:

EDIT: not sure though as it’s hard to see in your render. Is the sand texture big enough for a good resolution ?

Thanks. I will try all off them :wink:


CarlG, thank you again, here is my solution based on your suggestion:

1)Created local shrinkwrapped offsets of the ground surface by selecting a number of faces in edit mode and separating by selection. The centers of these local areas are located directly under my 360 cameras.
2)Subdivided them finer
3)Sculpted their edge gently down to make them blend into the ground
4)Reapplied the material with a better scale

Seems to work well. :wink:

Save to a new file and reduce to a level that can be shared that still show the problem, maybe just a few faces. I know you’ve found a solution, this is just a general advice when facing an issue.

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