"Group Channels" in dope-sheet broken?

Hi community,

currently I’m working on a scene with over 400 animated objects,
so I’d like to group my channels.

so… when I perform “group channels” via menue Channels>Group Channels in the dope-sheet-window nothing happens.
And when I press ctrl+G a dialog appears where I can enter a name, but after pressing enter, nothing happened as well.

can anyone confirm this.
or is this just my stpidity


I think I had this issue a while ago too. Just tried it now on a couple of bones in a rig and the group was created, but with no hierarchy beneath it, so all the properties for both bones were just in a long, horrible list without subgroups.

From memory I had your issue when some of the bones were already in bone groups (which already showed up as dope sheet channel groups), and then I couldn’t create new groups, as you described.

Hope this will get looked at soon.