Group (Ctrl-G) Not Working

I’m just learning Blender, so I may be missing something silly. But I simply can’t get Ctrl-G to do anything at all. I create a new scene, duplicate the default cube, select them both using Shift-RMB, then hit Ctrl-G. Nothing. No pop-up menu. No group created. Nothing.

Version 2.41

What am I missing?


2.42a or later :evilgrin:

2.43 is current, no real good reason to run anything older.


Okay, loading the new version up fixes the Ctrl-G problem. Now I can add objects to new groups.

Now all I have to do is figure out how to re-name groups and move objects between groups. It’s definitely not intuitive, is it! :eek:

When I select two objects and add them to a new group, the group that’s created is called ‘group.’ Great! But how do I rename that to something more descrptive? I’ve tried looking for the group block in the Outliner pane, Oops schematic, and everyplace else I can think of.

Anyone know of a good Group tutorial article? The Noob to Pro WikiBook tutorials on the subject are not giving me the answers I’m looking for.


The Noob to Pro tutorials (for the most part) probably don’t have 2.43 features covered, better to look in the main manual section and / or the Release Notes on the main wiki page.
From the link in my previous post :
Buttons Window, in the Object buttons (F7), a new panel Object and Links was added, showing The Object name The objects parent if one exists (Par:)
If the selection belongs to no Group there is a dropdown button Add to Group that lets you create new group or select an existing group.
The Groups the Object belongs to. These buttons also allow rename, assigning or removing.

More info on groups here :
To move multiple objects between groups, you have to do a CTR-G / Remove from all Groups, then CTR-G Add to Existing Group. If you only operate on one object you can use the F7 Object Panel “gui”. See my attached picture : the “Red_Suz” object is in both the “boxes” group and the “testgroup” group. To remove Red_Suz from the “testgroup”, group, you can click on the X (circled in blue). It will still be in the “boxes” group.


Many thanks for the help. I’ve started a new thread (Misc. Questions about Groups) where I’ve posted yet another stumper about groups. Since it had nothing to do with Ctrl-G not working, I thought I’d prune this thread.

Thanks again! See you in the other thread. :smiley: