Group discussions

I’m having problems with the group discussions. Sometimes, when I go to Groups, I click on “Latest Discussion” for a group, and it brings me to a page that says:vBulletin MessageInvalid Group Discussion specified. If you followed a valid link, please notify the administrator

When I go into the group and look at the threads there, the one I clicked on doesn’t exist. Which is weird because it usually happens with threads that is says were just created. So I don’t think they would have been deleted.

It’s likely that your new posts are being moderated (a side effect of having made less than 10 posts in the main forums).

They’re not my posts, but I guess that could still be the case, if they were posts made by a new member.

I get a similar thing when viewing “new posts”. My guess is this is “by design”. The new posts functionality shows posts that are new to me, so the BA site must keep track of this information in a cache somewhere if I leave it too long before clicking on page 2 of the results, the site has already cleared the cache and the “new posts” cannot be found - I see a similar message to the one you see. That’s just my rough guess at what is happening.