Group items together, similar to photoshop

How can I group items in a way that’s similar to Photoshop. In Blender, when I group items (ctrl+G) they move independently. I want to be able to group items and move them all together. This is the scene in question: Essentially, I want to be able to click on a product and drag to rearrange it easily. Each of these products is made up of 3, 4, sometimes 5 parts and I have to manually select each part and move them together. Thank you!!

If you have them all grouped together, you can press Shift+G to select the group. That will let you move them all together without having to individually select them all. You could also parent the group to an empty or another object (Ctrl+P), so then moving that empty/object would move the whole group. It would still allow you to move individual objects in the group if needed, but you can easily move them all together as well.

Then if you don’t want to accidentally move an individual object, you can turn off its selectability in the outliner, so you can only use the parent object to move it.