Group names in outliner?

hi there. I’m modelling a motorbike, and right now I’m just struggling to got the proportions right, blocking everything. But since I already got lots of small parts, I would like to organize those. If I could just make some folders in outliner, and organize things together (for example, the bike suspension), it would make my life easier. But I don’t know if this is possible. I tried selecting the objects and adding those to a group, but the group itself don’t appear in outliner. Where I can see a list of all my groups, so I can manipulate those easier? A simple option to add a folder in outliner to group parts would be awesome :smiley:

thanks in advance.

at top of outliner there is a menu and you have to select the Group item in menu

happy bl

You can organize things and do selections in many ways but using scene layers is one effective way.

Groups in Blender are more abstract and works more like a tag for a selection of objects. You can view those groups by switching the outliner to show groups, but you can also select them by selecting one object and shift+G -> group.

Hierarchy in Blender comes from parent-child relationship. You can parent objects to each other by selecting the objects, making the parent object the active selection and ctrl+P. It’s quite common to use a helper object like an empty as parent. You can select the whole hierarchy by ctrl+clicking on the parent icon in the outliner, or by selecting the parent and shift+G -> children (enable extend option on the operator panel if you want).