group/object linking and visibility

Before submitting a bug report I would like someone to develop a solid scenario where visibility,renderability of linked objects/groups is handled remotely and that is a desirable behaviour.
And in case you didn’t understand the previous sentence:
I have a big scene where many objects/groups are linked from other blend files.
On one of those blend files I had a group and some objects in that group were hidden, as it was a complex scene and I had to had them hidden…
So when I linked the group in my main scene to my surprise many objects from the group were missing and I though I had deleted them somehow.
Than I discovered that the visibility of the objects of the linked group is carried over from the “remote” blend file and not locally. Later I discovered that this is also the case for the renderability of linked objects.
My case is local and “easily” solvable but what would happen in a big studio and/or small studios with different work times/places etc…