"group" objects in the graph scene (with python)

I would like to “group” objects in the graph scene (with python) - the only possibility is to Parent objects ?
I can’t parent, because the objects have the same mesh (multi user objects) and the rotation of the “Parent” will rotate the childs…
Can i do the same thing with a group ? I’ve seen there is dupli groups and proxy groups, but i don’t know what it is.

Edit: I’ve heard about group instance - we can use Shift+A–>Group Instance to add it, but is there a benefit ? And how making that in phyton ? (using bpy, not bge)


#create a group

#link your objects to the group

#create the dupli group object
obj.dupli_group=group #assign your group to be duplicated

#link it to the scene

Thank you PV, is there a possibility to make a parent link, but without “locrotscale” link ?

I did not found any option to realize such a symbolic relationship with parenting.

You might use a group and give it the name of the parent object.
You can access all members of a group easily with the ‘Groups’ option in the outliner.

Ok, thank you for your research.
Have a nive day