group objects ?

supposed you avhe made a group with 5 objects

can you select one object then find a way to select all the other objects part of that group?

i check the select group but does not seems to work ?

or is there a place where you can see this ?


Shift+G to select object of the same groups as the currently selected object.
Tested with 2.63a and 2.64RC1 and work perfectly


In the Select menu of the 3d view, go to Grouped -> Group (or SHIFT+G).
Other way is in the Outliner, if you set it to Groups, it shows all the groups in the scenes, and if you click on one group (the parent) you select all its children (the objects) at one time.

Hope it’s clear enough…

Salutations, paolo

Edit: I was late…

i probably did something wrong here
in assigning objects to 3 different group!

i did i think 3 groups or 4 object
doing the tut cgcookie for grass with particules

but when i select one object and go to the select then click on group
it will select all objects of all groups

unless i did a msitake for duplciating and assingning to each group !


Look at the Outliner, under Groups in the pop up menu, there it should be quite easy to understand what you did.


don’t see what it can show in outliner !

i cann see a plane under the first row

but that does not tell me anything about group?

now i tried to make a new group with some objects and
one of the object in the group seem to identify the group !

can you elaborate of is there a good tut showing the different aspect for group in 2.63 !


check the wiki page for group

but you need to select at top right the group item in the menu !

i can see these groups now !


I’m sorry, I was not able to explain, glad you found it by yourself

Happy blending


one question here

what is being shown in object panel on the right

is it supposed to show all the groups ?
or only show the selected group


I’m not certain what you mean with object panel:
If you refer to the Object panel of the Properties editor, it shows the groups that the selected object belongs to, and from there you can assign it to whatever group you want.