Group of Blender developpers in India: how to start/drive processing ?

after some discussion on this forum, i finally get 2 guys (local) to work on blender development, they are motivated and they have a good C/python skill.

But i losing myself when i need to correctly explain the way we gonna work.
i mean, i show them the forum, the dev side and the files directories, all my bookmarks about blender dev, etc…
they looked at the api (not stable), and finally, we decided about the goal, adding new things to the sequencer !

ok, that’s great… but how to drive the team. i’m not efficient in C, i just know python.
i can only tell about the direction. as an “everyday user” i can give my feedback and organize the dev online (thru blender websites)…

i’m very lost because i cannot start with these guys, i don’t know.

The thing is without connection with the BF, how can we work on project like that ?

or maybe it is not the good time to do so ?

People submit patches/code all the time who aren’t ‘officially’ part of the BI.

I’m not a coder, but I think you have to communicate to your team exactly what you want to do, maybe through graphics or examples. This is the kind of organisational skill you’ll need for any project.

You can grab hold of devs on IRC when you get some progress, or if you need some help in how the code works. One of the mods here should be able to put you in touch.

Before you do anything though, I would strongly suggest that you get the mechanics of how your team works and exactly what you are attempting to do worked out first.

I would try and get ahold of the module owner of the VSE part AFTER you gone through the source code, and think you have something to present.

my only other advice is refactor your code a lot. I went through mine until it was 1/3 of the original code lines but did the exact same thing.
get a hold of the module owner for the VSE in blendercoders, do a .diff file with SVN and submit it via the tracker.

  • I just wanted to add I think it’s great you’re getting new people involved with the development. But you should also think on how you can encourage these two devs to do work on blender. are they interested in 3d? I think you have to be genuinely interested if you do open source dev.

Do you get on the irc channel?

since last time, the single progress in the team is to understand the concept of blender, why all that tools in one, how it interacts, who are the users…
For me, it was also a deep experience to introduce me in the c world…but not enough to get thru it and produce exemples.
we made on other side some news python toolboxes and workflow arragements in the UI, using python…nice time !

So, these people are living close to here, we continue to look at together and prospect for new ideas and concepts for the sequencer.