Group of checkboxes


Is there a way to create a group of checkboxes? Say I’m creating a Panel and I want checkboxes relevant to objects in the scene, so I create a list of 'BoolProperty’s

Is there a way to call ‘x.prop’ for each item of the list where ‘x’ is a UILayout object or any other way to get the list of BoolPropertys into the UI? I know I can define BoolProperty members in the definition of the panel and use the prop function on those but that seems impractical.


I know I can create members of

for ob in list_ob:
row = box.column(align =True)
row.prop(data_path, “propertie name”)

So you mean data_path must be something like ‘context.object’ so I do ‘obj = context.obj’
And before that I do ‘bpy.types.object.test = BoolProperty(name=“test”)’
Then I can do ‘row.prop(“test”)’?