Group particles don't cast shadows

Hi, I made a desert scene that involves small and large rocks, I used the hair particle system to use 2 different rock groups to distribute them along on the ground. but when I rendered, the rocks do not cast shadows, I tried every option possible to enable/disable shadow casting but no joy, you can see that monkey object casts the shadow in the scene while the rest of the rocks are shadeless

I am using Pro lighting skies demo for my environment light (morning sky), no lamps, no odd ticks in the particle options as far as I can remember, there is some tweaks in the compositor but I am positive it’s harmless

Attached is the blend file for your kind assistance, thank you.


Shadow issue.blend (4.7 MB)

No textures supplied in your .blend !!!

Remove all the unnecessary crap from your file so you have a basic test file and supply that we don’t have to jump through hoops to look at what you have,


I did remove all the unnecessary objects already, I literally kept the things that you see in the image cause I suspect that the problem is caused by one of them, how do I remove all the traces completely? I see in your info screen that you listed all the old crap which I thought I deleted already (I deleted their meshes) how do I go about removing the entire history? one more thing, the texture used is all procedural, it should be there already, the utility texture and the external ones were supposed to be removed with the deleted objects assigned to them? tell me what should I do exactly please?