Group properties/parents

How exactly do added groups work? Sure, you go ctrl+g, give it a name, and then it appears in the add object panel.
But how does it interact with game logic?

So in one blend I have an object called ‘slider’ which has an animation and runs a script. This is grouped and linked to another blend:
In the other blend, I add the group instance, and give it some properties, namely what I want the slider to display.

So the slider itself runs a script, but wants to access a property in the object that instantiates it. I thought it would be as simple as getting the parent and accessing the property that way. But apparently there is not the parent/child relationship between the added group and the object that adds it.

So is there a way to get the properties of the object that creates a group?

This would also be useful in some other cases, such as controlling enemy behavior. Say I create an AI, and link it in using groups. Then I can tweak it’s behavior slightly based on where it is. (eg guarding vs it’s normal behavior)

i use the “spawner group” just as spawner , it not influence the group, just add it.

anyway you can get the object spawner in this way:

from a object of the group:

groupObject = own.groupObject #the object spawner
prop = groupObject[“prop”]

since it is a object as any other

and you can get all members (incluse the object itself that run the script) im this way
groupObject = own.groupObject
members = groupObject.groupMembers