Group visibility doesnt toggle inside visibility?

Hey everyone, how come turnign off visibility on a group doesnt turn off visbility for the things inside it?
This happens often and is really annoying


The tooltip that appears when you hover over the eye should provide a hint.

Hey, visibility is not inherited between objects, you have to use collections

Its not inhertied between objects but should be if its wihtin the same tool yes?

Canyou elaborate?


I’m not sure what you mean… tools have no relation to object visibility. Do you mean hierarchy? objects don’t inherit visibility from their parent, that’s it. They don’t inherit anything actually, except transforms. This is a point of contention for many users because they would like to toggle all children’s visibility at once, but right now you have to use collections.

Well, no. As Stan points out above, you can toggle visibility of parent AND its children

My reply concerned visibility inheritance