Group won't render in cycles?


Im making some grass and have a problem that vexes me.
I have modeled the different kind of grass I want and assigned it to my emitter as a group.
Everything looks good util I try to render it.

Cycles wont render my grass even though I can see them in the preview.
Please can somebody tell me what I am doing wrong, it’s driving me nuts. :slight_smile:

Regards / Holmen


Post a blend!

Two most likely causes would be:

  1. The grass has a material, that material is 100% transparent. (post at the least your nodes for the grass)
  2. The grass objects have their camera visibility disabled, in object settings (the cube) under ‘cycles settings’ camera would be unchecked.

Nothing of that’s the problem, I can see the actual “master” grass blades just fine. It’s only when I assign the group off grass to the emitter that It won’t render.

hmm, Your grass type should be ‘hair’ not ‘emitter.’

Solved it!
I had unchecked the ray visibility for “camera”
Thanks for the help.