I can’t group, have someone an idea?

This question is a bit thin. You can group with Ctrl + G (you probably already knew) but I think you want more parenting ?!? First select the text, then Shift + scissors and then Ctrl + P. The text hangs on the scissors then.

Mario Just beat me to it. Also, see this thread about the difference between Groups and Collections in 2.8

Thx I did parent it but i thould when i select the parent then I dimension all the picture.
But it’s not do I something wrong? What I want is one item and dimension it.


You seem to have the parenting correct: ShearSissors_new.002 is the parent, and ShearSissors_new.001, the Lattice, and the Text are all children. By selecting ShearSissors_new.002 and scaling it, all of them will scale.

Are you scaling by pressing the S-key, and nothing is scaling? If so, you may have chosen the option “Only Locations.” Press the Period-Key to check this.

In your last sentence you say you want “one item and dimension it.” If you mean you want to select one item, this parenting should work.

If you mean you want all the parts to be made into one item, you need to Join meshes. To do this, you need to convert the Text into a mesh - Go to the Object menu, go down to “Convert to” and select “Mesh from Curve/Meta/Surf/Text.”.

Then select the letters, Shift-select the scissors, and press CTRL-J to join.

Below is a file I made similar to yours which has both methods used.

Scissors.blend (2.1 MB)

thx Phil for the explanation