grouped "baked cloth" issue...

Dear experts

Is it really not possible in Blender (still running 2.49b) to not have to bake the cloth each time I move it in a new scene as a group? EG: I have this animal with cloth on, an it is grouped, - I import the group containing the baked cloth into another scene - so far so good:-) everything works well! But when I move the animal to another position the cloth STAYS in the original position - and it cannot change place!!!

Is it possible somehow to fix this by telling the cloth to move to other coordinates or something…??

Waiting for your answers :slight_smile:

Is there noone who can help answering this question, or is the question that I don´t make myself clear and explain the problem properly?? :0

Let us make this clear - you have group of two objects: Animal and Cloth. Now, take two default cubes, select them and Ctrl-G group.
Both now belong to one group and are displayed green, correct?
Can you move one so that other follows, if not selected together with the first one? No? That means that grouping does not make one object follow another; objects just belong to one group and therefore are easy to select at once using Shift-G, Group. And then they could be moved together.

I’m not much into animation thing, however i feel that thing you are looking for is called Parent(ing) - make Cloth as a children of Animal; then it is sufficient to select animal and move - all children will follow happily. Another way could be select both Animal and Cloth and Ctrl-J join objects. That may or may not fit your goals, but from that moment on you would have to deal with just one object, parts of which still could be selected separately in edit mode. Plus, that would make life easier since some armature could be applied to just one object and animated more easily.
Again, i’m not certain there since i don’t do animations.

I’m lost at your sentence’s last part: “cloth STAYS in the original position - and it cannot change place” - you are not able to move cloth as a separate object, selected and G used? you are expecting not selected cloth to follow animal but it does not? is the cloth part damaged and not move at all?

Even then, append both objects (not as a whole group, but individually) and further use any of methods to deal with them.

Hope helps a bit, despite language barriers and such… :slight_smile:

@eppo: thank you for your thorough answer :slight_smile: Because of holidays I haven´t been logged into the forum for some time.
I will try out your suggestions in the coming days…