Grouping and the Transform/Location numeric fields


Let’s say you group 2 objects. You can select them as a group from the Outliner’s ‘Group’ list and can move them all around together by dragging to gnomon around. That’s great.

But, if you try to move them all together by entering a numeric location in the Transform/Location numeric fields, only one object moves! Is this a shortcoming of the software or am I unaware of something?


Numerical input only moved the active object.
Grouping does not create any link between the objects. You would have to parent one object to another (Ctrl+P), moving the parent via numerical input would then move its children accordingly

Thanks Richard,

What if you wanted to animate a rotation of the Parent/Child around a centre point that was a median between the parent and child? The pivot point options at first look like they offer this but it doesn’t work (it rotates only around the parent regardless of selected pivot point option). I could do it by creating an Empty that is a median of the 2, but that’s pretty inconvenient to do if you had lots of groups - if you ever changed the layout of the cluster, you’d have to re-place the centre the Empt at the new median point every time!