Grouping moving objects :(


I’m fairy new to blender and I’m making my first animation for a HND project. I’ve rigged some eyes to go onto a bunny body, but i’m having issues. I can’t merge them as the eyes won’t move, I’ve tried grouping them as a parent-child but every time i do this the eyes jump to behind the body -.- I’m really not sure how to do it and can’t find a tutorial that show how to do what i need to do!

The first image is how i want them and the second image is what happens when I try to join the eyes to the parent body (I’m selecting the body last as I want this to be the parent).



Any help would be super duper awesome Thanks!

Nat :wink:

Invalid attachments.
Without even seeing the images you were trying to attach, I’m pretty sure those won’t be enough to know what causes the problem. It’s very common for people to crop the images and just concentrate showing the problem, but don’t realize that the screenshot part they didn’t include is what gives the clues to solving it (if at all).

Prepare your .blend file and upload that.

I am not sure what you are after, but in general once you parent the rig to the mesh there is no need for you to join different parts of mesh together. The rig is holding them together you know.

These are the photos, hopefully they’ll work now xD

These are where I want his eyes to be:

And when I Ctrl+P the eyes jump to here:

As I say I’m very new to Blender!

Any help would be awesome :smiley:


Anyone have any idea what I can try? :-S