I’ve done a quick search but havent found anything about this, was wondering if anyone can help me:

I am looking for a way to “group” certain objects together. What i mean by this is similar to parenting - only i wish for both parented objects to be “parents” and not “children”, so which ever one i move the other will move also.

I have tried parenting object X to object Y, and then parenting object Y to object X - but i get an error, “Loop in parents”.

Is there any way to achieve this?


You can’t make an object the cild of another and then try to make it the parent… that’s what “Loop in parents means”. I’d use an empty object and parent my objects to it, so I can grab my empty and move around all my objects parented to it. But maybe someone has a better idea?

Nope, I also use “the empty way”. It works, and so far I didn’t see any bad things happening with it, so no reason for looking for another option…

…yet :wink:

Ok thanks anyway.
reason why i was wondering is that i was modelling a wind turbine generator, and i wanted it so i could rotate either the propeller, or the gears inside.


There might be another way, keep your eyes on your mailbox. :wink:

Will do :slight_smile: