Hi I have made a model car which i will be using in a small animation. However i can’t get pieces of my model to group. I have done control g but still my wheels and lights still don’t group to my car body. It is getting very frustrating when i try to rotate my model but the wheels and other bits stay where they are.

Can anybody please help?

what you want is parenting ( ctrl P )

To Group or to Parent, that is the question. Everyone seems to approach this question loosely and give loose answer. Which creates mass confusion! I am still confused! Here is what I know as of today:

Group in Blender is used as bundler of objects, and it has many uses. You can use it to assemble complex objects such as car with many components. Once bundled, it can be added as an instance in a scene; Add > Group >. You can make hundreds of copies of those assemblies. Your original assembly is a loose parts of objects that can be moved about peace by peace. But the instance will move as one object. So keep your original grouped parts in different layer or scene to avoid confusion.

Parenting in Blender is primary used in animation. Yes it can act like grouped instance but its function is really to animate within.