GroupPro, group instances made easy

It is now possible in GP 2.1.5 but it is using Gizmo to get the rotation. I will send u PM with TransformUtils addon that is doing just that easy (I have no more free space in GP pie, so you can use spacebar -> “Set to Transform Orientation”)
With 2.1.5 update comes new feature Apply Transformations (loc, rot and\or scale) for Groups:

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I just installed 2.1.6 with the express intent of using the Apply Transformations feature recently introduced. When I bring up my “Apply” menu it doesn’t show the two options at the bottom like your video does (this is with a group selected). Am I missing something? This is in 2.82 final.

The option is here:
In the gif I used customized UI with TransformUtils

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Hi, I love your addon :smiley:

Do you think you could add a “Bounding box corner” choice for the origin options?

How about if I added option to snap 3d cursor group bbox? Then you could use set origing -> 3d cursor.
This way there would be no need for more buttons


Looks good to me! :slight_smile:

(But how do you snap the cursor like that? Does that work with the RCS control scheme?)

The update 2.1.7 is out

  • you can now snap to the corners of group bounding boxes (for old groups you have to open them then close - after that corner snapping will work)

As for snapping: you have to select ‘3d cursor’ tool from left tool bar, then enable vertex snapping. now when you hold ctrl and drag the 3d cursor it will snap (just learned this myself recently on wazu discord channel).
Or go with PivotPro


Oh right, active tools are a thing now!

Many thanks for adding it! It will come very handy in all kinds of grid based setups. Super quickly as well!

Hi Jose,

Any way I can get the same pie menu set up as the one you have in that gif showing transform util using Suzanne?

I used Pie Menu Editor to make custom popup panel like that.