GroupPro, group instances made easy


(JoseConseco) #21

Ok I made it easier plus some new features:
Update 1.02:
New features:
*Delete Group – deletes group with subgroups and objects that this group is made of permanently from blender file
*Make unique – Makes selected Group separate instance (this is what you want maraCZ).
*Convert to geometry - It splits Grouped object into separate, individual mesh objects.

  • Initialize Groups - Helps to cleanup garbage objs. after pasting group from another file

And example of making one group unique:

(NinthJake) #22

This is pretty much how I’ve always wished Blender’s grouping would work. In fact I was experimenting with making an addon for myself by joining meshes together after making the selected meshes create a vertex group for the entire mesh before joining it for easy separating later. It kinda worked fine until I needed linked duplicates (Alt+D) inside the group which joining meshes obviously don’t support and then there was also the problem of keeping the modifiers for the separate meshes.

This is obviously a much more elegant and overall better solution but does it support (Alt+D) instances inside the groups?

EDIT: well durr, I just tried it manually myself and it does support it. Sweet, I’ll probably buy this once my next pay comes in.

(JoseConseco) #23

Here is example of making one object in group unique:

Also in recent 1.02 version, you can make whole group unique. See last image in first post.
And yep, this is how I wanted Group Instances to work in blender, but default UI for it is not exising, so I had to code it myself.
NinthJake - btw. Blender will render those ok, but baking is not supported, so I made another addon for that. Free version of addon for baking is here (cycles baking- bit slow):

Paid version (baking through Substance BatchTools) is here:

Thing is, I give promotion code with Batchtool addon (it was just released yesterday), for GroupPro discount. So if you have Substance Designer, you can buy BatchTools + GroupPro with discount for 12$+(48$-14$) = 46$. You will save 2$ and and have both addons. Or just go with regular GroupPro and free Meltdown fork from github, if you do not have SDesigner.
Also form time to time (eg. on Black Friday) I make discounts too, if you want to wait for Christmas that is…

(NinthJake) #24

Thanks, just bought the both of them with the discount. Still had to pay a little bit more because of 25% VAT but still haha.

(JoseConseco) #25

I guess 25vat depend on the country you are in…
Anyway :
Update 1.03

  • Added popup menu with GroupPro commands under ‘Ctrl+X’ hotkey

(JoseConseco) #26

Update 1.04

  • fixed problems with displaying instances of group that was being edited
  • fixed problems with ‘Set origin’ command
  • added ‘Cleanup’ command - deletes unused groups with content. Unused groups = groups that are currently not being linked to scene). More info with example in manual.

Update 1.05

  • refactored code for editing and closing groups (simpler, more speed)
  • added ‘MaxDepth’ parameter for ‘MakingUnique’ groups- Maximum depth for which unique groups will be created. 0-inifinite depth, default=1 (use F6 panel to change maxDepth)

(Sarko83) #27

Blender developers, should have done this long ago. The biggest disadvantage of the blender for me

(JoseConseco) #28

Update 1.06

  • ‘isolate edite group’ should work way better now. It was remade from scratch

(PLyczkowski) #29

Such a pity you priced it so high, a lot of people could find this very useful, and instead only a small group will use it…

(JoseConseco) #30

changelog for version 1.07

  • New better UI
  • Editable hotkey for GroupPro popup panel
  • bugfixes
  • Addon refactored to multi-file format

I uploaded videos on my site with quick guide about GroupPro addon and all new features added since 1.0 (sorry for my bad English in those vids :confused: ).

(matali) #31

Hi Jose,

Now blender allows to save selected datablock to a .blend file. . Could you implement it to allow saving of modified linked groups to original file?


(JoseConseco) #32

This new write() operator seems to work ok (data blocks are stored) but content of scene in destination blend file is erased. Not sure it if it is bug or intended behavior. Maybe write() is destined only for writing datablocks to blend-asset library, and the file itself is not usefull for storing blender scenes. So write() is not good for sending objects to other blend files, because it destroy content of scene in them.

(Bop) #33

Very expensive price rejected most of the users, but it is really useful, it’s mirror function to protect the vertex normal will not be destroyed, thus changing the workflow of my work.

Found a small problem, custom hotkey can not be saved.

(JoseConseco) #34

I will be slowly dropping the price over time, and there is discount for people from countries with less income (eg. in Poland we earth 3x less than people on west on average), or you may want to wait for black Friday sales.
Hotkeys error is blender bug, it should work ok in new blender 2.78. I will release update when blender 2.78 is out (or I may release it now but it will work only with blender 2.78 beta builds). Also if you use blender 2.77 try hitting f8 hotkey to reload scripts, and then changing the hotkey should work ok.
I do not understand the part about mirror and vertex normals…

(obsurveyor) #35

Would you link to your main gumroad page that lists all your products? Also, the Draw Xray link in your signature is broken(remove /edit).

(JoseConseco) #36

Update 1.08

  • Added support for blender 2.78 (version 1.07 won’t work with blender 2.77)
  • ‘Convert to geometry’ now has depth option, for which nested groups will be converted to geometry

I will also continue to drop the price.

(mathieu) #37

Seems to be a good addon, but a price drop is definitely a good idea :slight_smile:

(ng-material) #38

so the group isn’t just simply joining all geometry into one object right? because i’m thinking what if the plane itself was animated (like if the propellers where rotating)

how does this perform if the instance is animated?

(JoseConseco) #39

Yep geo is not joined (it is using group instances). So everything you do on one object (adding modifier, moving, scaling, etc) will be updated in other groups.
I tested animations and it works but only if you perform recording on groups with cleared transforms:

I wasn’t planning animation support for this addon.

BTW. My friend showed me that GroupPro works very well with Sketchup (SKP) importer - meaning you can edit components imported from Sketchup inside blender.

(ng-material) #40

Hi thanks for the response, brilliant. Thats sad to hear about no animation support, because it would seem that if I purchased this, all I would need for motion graphics work would be offset. I have yet to find a simply way to achieve this in blender. I had asked something similar in the animation nodes thread.

Heres what I mean, each instance contains the same animation, but offsetted

anyway perhaps you may consider it for a future project, so i’ll put that there as reference.

edit: there was an old addon called re:group that did the offset (05:35)