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(Hoverkraft) #61

Hi Jose,

I have a group with subgroups A and B. Now I am trying to have a curve with one control point parented to an object inside group A and another one inside group B. I can’t get this to work or find any workarounds. The curve could be outside any groups if it has to be.Any advice?

(JoseConseco) #62

It won’t work when curve is affecting something inside group. You could try to make linked instance of curve and put one copy inside group A and one inside group B. It may work, depending on what your want to achieve. But affecting objects from outside groups usually wont work.


Hi mate, I was going to buy the Addon but I saw in previous page it doesn’t work with 2.78. Are you going to update it?

(JoseConseco) #64

GP 1.07 - (latest version working with blender 2.77) - means I you use old Blender 2.77 you have also use old GP version 1.07.

Latest GP version 1.10 work with blender 2.78 and 2.79beta

(shevchenkoserj) #65

is it possible to fix issue with isolated-mode (NumPAd /)? It doesn’t woks nice. when u isolate group and entering to edit it all geometry becomes invisible, its sad:(

(JoseConseco) #66

Unfortunatelly no. Blender API for dealig with isolated-mode / local view is to limited, and I couldn’t make it work nice. You can use ‘Isolate edited group’ to kindof of work around it. Or use shift+h - to hide everything, except selection. Maybe new layer system in blender 2.8 will make life easier.

(shevchenkoserj) #67

pleas, do like when u doing copy of a group unique, all groupse inside are saves but geometry should forget the connection with object was copyed befour.
Now it works like u push unique and unique becomes only location of containig grous and everything deeper is also connected to reference.
EX i want to copy a group to do anotheer variant of geometry location objects etc to compair them and deside wich variant is better for me and continiue working with them.
so it should works like total unique with saving only heirachy of consisting grous inside.
hope u understend maybe im doin smthg wrong and this option is alredy exist.
thnx for your fast answering)))

(JoseConseco) #68

shevchenkoserj -
About making objects/subgroups unique inside copy - when you make group unique you can use f6 option to change max depth parameter. Maximum depth describes depth for which unique groups will be created. If set to 0-inifinite depth, meaning all subgroups will be made unique. And then if you want to make objects inside not instanced just pres ‘U’ hotkey - and choose ‘Object & Data’. This way you have control on what parts should be instanced and what not.

“saving only heirachy of consisting grous inside” - when making one Group Instance unique, the hierarchy is saved but as separate ‘tree’ -that is the whole point of making one instance unique. At beginning both of those trees may look similar, but they are not connected anymore.
For linking objects together it would be required to use constraints - copy transform. I show this in gif below:

Workflow is bit convoluted:

  • create empty and add it to group
  • parent objects inside group A to this new empty. Close it
  • duplicate group and make in unique (B)
  • now in group B, add Copy Transforms (local) constraint and point them to similar object in source Group A.
    I think this is what you want, but this workflow has some limitations:
  • you can only move objects inside source Group A. All transformations inside duplicated groups B,C,D etc. will be constrained to group A, so you won’t be able to move them (there is no way around it, or cyclic dependency will be created). It may be confusing for users, why can’t they move objects
  • because of how constraint works, you won’t be able to move duplicated objects in groups B,C,D (unless you delete those constraints)
  • if you add new objects to uniques copies of group - the workflow becomes mess - you would have to remember which objects are still connected to original object, and which not. If user wanted to parent some objects inside group, he would have to take into account that it may break the parent-child link to helper empty.
    I mean copying objects relation idea is cool, I can add this kind of stuff, for testing, but I’m afraid the result may be messy, and in the end nobody will use it.

(rcraighead) #69

New user of GroupPro. Is it possible to create an Array of a Group?

(JoseConseco) #70

There is but it is not as easy, as just adding modifier. You have to use helper object, for vertex duplication feature - and on this helper object vertices you can duplicate groups.
the steps are:

  • create helper object (eg. plane). It should have same position as your grup
  • make this new helper object parent of group.
  • enable vertex duplication feature
  • add array mod to helper object. you can collapse plane vertices to one to get one intance per vert.

I think that is the only way. But in some way it dupli verts are more powerful that array.

(shevchenkoserj) #71

Hello friend! How would u reccomend to unlink all groups of meshes inside a group after i made it unique with depth 0? i want to use it like kind of backup of geomety i duplicate inside a file befoure i do editing an original group of meshes to reorganize it.(like make unique with depth 0 but unlink with depth 0) thanx a lot
ps also notece weird resolt of copy group to new scene)))

(Hoverkraft) #72

Hi Jose, is there a way to hide/unhide objects inside groups with render layers? I guess not as the group is a single object, but maybe you know a workaround. Anyway, GroupPro is a very valuable addition to my workflow and saved me countless hours as I can work in a more procedural way. So, thank you!

(JoseConseco) #73

Hoverkraft - I don’t think so. You would have to split objects into 2 groups.

shevchenkoserj - you are asking for making unique not only groups but also un-instacing meshes from it?
Not possible yet but I will add it on todo list. For now you would have to manually go inside group (after making it unique) - and press -‘U’->‘Make Single User’-> obj and data - to make meshes separate.
About weird resoolt when pasting group into new scene - select group and pres ’ initialize groups’- it should fix that

(shevchenkoserj) #74

yes exactly. And also will be really halpfull the button “close all groups”))))

(JoseConseco) #75

You know you can use Shift+R in blender to redo last operation? Just spam it few times, after closing one group, to close all other groups.

(JoseConseco) #76

Update 1.11

  • add make meshes unique option in ‘make unique’
  • fix closing group, when it is child of some object
  • updated PIE menu
  • fix children positions when changing group origin

(JoseConseco) #77

Update 1.12

  • correct handing of child - parent relations when working with Groups. Now child objects will maintain their positions when editing, changing origin, converting to geo etc.

Btw. Asset Management should soon support GP too.

(bondnaruto) #78

Hi, may someone can help me. After some operations: Create a Group, Open, Close, Duplicate, Make Unique and so on, i receive a problem like these (on screenshot). After these error, i don’t can manipulate any operation with all groups in these project, furthermore some groups become empty… Only when i copy and paste models (groups) to another project, all functions start working properly. Why it happens?

Project with error -

(bondnaruto) #79

Perhaps this is somehow related to the renaming, delete and again creating with the same name of group…

(JoseConseco) #80

I can see the file is buggy. In the normal circumstances, when you edit group, the empty that is representing this group is hidden, and replaced with actual objects.
Hidden empty is not accessible on scene, so that is is impossible to delete it by accident. But somehow you managed to do in anyway - maybe you are using some other scripts, that:
a) deleting objects unlinked form scene
b) or renaming object names (in that case GP may loose access to empty, that was parent of group).
Anyway I made hotfix what will remove broken group (with empty that was eresed/renamed by accident) settings from list of currently edited group.
You can get in on gumroad - GroupPro_1.12b.