GroupPro, group instances made easy


(bondnaruto) #101

Yes, It fast a little bit, but its not a good way. First of all i need to select every single group and subgroup, big group can contain around 20-30 subgroups and similar groups in my scene is many. It take too much time still

(JoseConseco) #102

30 subgroups - that is monster project! I will look into solving it but it may take some time (2 weeks maybe, I have to finish other stuff first).
In a mean time how about duplicating all groups and subgroups into flattened version on backup layer? So it will contain all groups accessible from one click, something like in here:

You could do so by duplicating you parent group - and then splitting duplicate into subgroups with ‘Convert to geo’ button ( use F6 property and set depth to ‘1’ ), then repeat this step on subcomponents. This way you would end up with flattened version of all your subgroups.

(bondnaruto) #103

Not elegant way, but it make sense:)

(JoseConseco) #104

Update 1.1.3:

  • added - ‘open nested group’ button - for opening nested groups under cursor (just use eyedropper button and LMB click on target group in 3D view to edit it)
  • added - shift click on ‘Close Group’ button to close all edited groups at once.

This should fix your problem :).

(bondnaruto) #105

In some part of model it work, in some part appear this error and nothing happened…

And one more things, i try to explain my situation. In my case ideally i need open all group simultaneously to one click (i need it because i want to fast change materials in different part of model use “Batch operations”, for that i need to open ALL groups and subgroups of model simultaneously and as fast as possible way) Used eyedropper method all groups in big group not open simultaneously, just only one subgroup under the cursor of big group…

(JoseConseco) #106

Ok, I got it. In a mean time you can just duplicate your master group to empty layer and use - ‘convert to geo’ - with F6 options set to 0 ( it will split all subgroups). Then you can change materials on spitted version, and delete it. You master group should have new materials assigned.
Can you send me buggy file with above error?
Also, to keep this forum clean, you can send bug report, feature request, to my discord server:

(bondnaruto) #107

Unfortunately, if i use Batch Operation (Add-on), material changes only on selected object, non in the group, in this add-on i can select all object use one material on one click, if i try to go regular way to change material, first i need to find and select all objects use the same material, further i need to choose Object/Make Links/Materials - it take too much time

Link to scene -

(JoseConseco) #108

Update 1.1.4:

  • fixed eye-picker button (opening group under mouse) in orthogonal 3d view
  • added - Shift click on ‘Open (all)’ groups to open selected group with all its subgroups
  • If you dissolve group (split into subgroups), remaining subgroups will be automatically assigned to currently edited group (if there is any)
  • If you Create group, new group will be automatically assigned to currently edited group (if there is any)

Thanks to bondnaruto for testing :wink:

(bondnaruto) #109

And for closing all opened subgroups into initial group - Shift + Close (All)

(bondnaruto) #110

Stop working “initialize groups” function, now use “Open (all)” “Close (All)” to solve problem…
Link to example -

(JoseConseco) #111

Can you try the latest version from gumroad? I fixed this recently, but didn’t sent notification email.

(bondnaruto) #112

Ok, really in 1.1.5 version it work fine

(bondnaruto) #113

I have one more suggestion about improve the “GroupPro” Add-on. Now, if we hold Shift and drag mouse away, we get INSTANCE group wich contain DUPLICATE objects, in my mind it not intuitive…
In my opinion, If i want to have instance group, i have to hold Alt+drag Mouse Away and if i want duplicate group i use shift+drag Mouse Away, as in “Blender” as default…

(bondnaruto) #114

I have one more suggestion about improve the “GroupPro” Add-on. Now, if we hold Shift and drag mouse away, we get INSTANCE group wich contain INSTANCE objects and if we use Shift+drag Mouse Away we have the same results. In my mind it not intuitive.
Would be better:
if Shift+drag mouse away - we get DUPLICATE of group and objects inside the group
if Alt+drag mouse away - we get INSTANCE group and objects inside the group

(JoseConseco) #115

I’m not sure if I can override default blender hotkeys but we will see.

(Pitiwazou) #116


I edited the pie menu of group pro to make it easier to use.
Tell me what do you think about it.

(JWise) #117

Will this be part of RMB Pie Menu or GroupPro adn when might it be available?

(bondnaruto) #118

pitiwazou - Great job, i like it. Well, I’ll put my 5 cents for improvement “Group Pro”

(Pitiwazou) #119

I edited the group pro code directly.

Maybe the delete group function cleans data so we need to keep it
Space will make the pie too big IMHO, after changing the position function and name, if you want.

(bondnaruto) #120

About Delete function - actually we have “Cleanup” button which delete all information about unused group.

My point about empty space - space is method to visually separate menu to often and not often used functions. “Delete” button used very rarely therefore it can be separated in my opinion